Infographic developed for a digital agency.


The year was ending and Forum One required an infographic that could include all the achievements of the company in 2014 in order to share it with the employees and clients. It needed to be fun, engaging and friendly since it would share awards, stats and personal achievements of the people working at the company.


The infographic was developed in Adobe Illustrator, and used the concept of an office, with frames on the wall, pencils, computer and a desk. The full office reveals at the bottom and includes elements representing Christmas and winter season. We wanted to make it welcoming, so we included a dog and toys, since there are families working at the company. 

We centered the elements and used space in order to make it easy to scan. The infographic was animated in Photoshop, where an animated GIF with the timeline was produced. It was a nice touch added with the subtle movement of the objects.


The deliverable was an animated GIF placed in an article of the website.

Visual Design

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop