Global Solutions

Branding development for a logistic company.


A logistic company that operates in America and Africa needed the design of a logo.


The logo developed had to be flexible and include both continents. It presents constant elements such as the company name and graphic. The variables on each logo are the continent name and color palette.

The graphics chosen include a globe, since the company works worldwide. They also present curves and arrows since those represent movement and logistic. The letter "G" of "Global Solutions" is included on a few graphics. One of the versions uses a typographical approach.

The colors are energetic and strong. For Africa, the color green was chosen since it represents the tropical jungles and forests. For America, the color blue was chosen since it's part of the American flag, and it also represents concepts such as corporation and business. All the options use a cold color palette. For both green and blue, lighter versions of the colors where added in order to differentiate the word for each continent. The lighter colors also visible over the darker color backgrounds.


The deliverables were designed in Adobe Illustrator, and the logos were displayed over white and colored backgrounds.


Adobe Illustrator

Logo proposal 2


Logo proposal 3


Logo proposal 4


Logo proposal 5