Collection of logos designed for different projects and clients.


The logos above where designed for different projects and clients.

Bon Boyage

Bon Voyage is a travel agency. A decorative font was chosen with a stroke that had both thin and thick lines and a lot of curves. The typography was edited in order to represent a curve with a plane that is taking off. The texture with the gradient represents depth and looks like an ocean view from the top.


The logo was designed for a philosophy conference about Friedrich Nietszche. The complexity of the philosopher was taken as the primary concept of the conference, and we represented it with the development of a font that looks like a labyrinth.


Altas is a development agency that needed the naming of the brand. The name was chosen since it's masculine, easy and short to pronounce and memorize. A sans serif font and a cold color palette of blues were chosen since they are modern and technologic.


The logo was designed for a sushi restaurant. The naming was chosen since it's japanese, easy to pronounce and memorize. The font is handwritten, very friendly and reflects the handmade sushi produced at the restaurant. The artwork that is part of the branding included illustrated abstract sushi pieces in colors and a wavy texture inspired on the logo.


The brand was designed for an online travel forum. Since the main focus is on an audience that wants to explore exotic places and adventure, we represented a trail with the step of a hiking shoe and used the color green to represent the nature. Several concepts where proposed to the client until approval.

Eventos BuenosAyres

The company hosts and organizes social events such as weddings and corporate parties. It needed to reflect elegancy and sophistication that was achieved with the use of a serif font, the color black and yellow and a subtle sans serif for the full name of the brand.


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